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Tuesday 24th of June

All day long: Student Session

On Tuesday 24th of June, NaTAL will host a Student Session where students of the Language and Communication Technology Master from Nancy and Saarbruecken will present their final projects for the year 2008. The program will also include lectures by senior researchers.

Wednesday 25th of June

Morning: Error Mining in Linguistic Resources

Developing large resources for natural language processing, like lexicons and grammars, is a tedious and error-prone task. The "error mining" day at NaTAL aims to present the state of the art in techniques designed to improve precision and recall of natural language resources.

Afternoon: Semantic and Inference

This session will be devoted to different topics in natural language processing related to (some kind of) semantics and inference, including textual entailment, computational semantics, ontology building, etc.

Thursday 26th June

Morning: Tree-Adjoining Grammars

Tree-Adjoining Grammars have been used for many years to describe the syntax of natural languages, and also more recently to compute a representation of their meaning. The NaTAL session dedicated to Tree-Adjoining Grammars is a forum for reaserchers eager to exchange ideas related to current work using this formalism.

Afternoon: Interaction Grammars

Interaction grammars (IG) offer an original perspective on natural language parsing. They bridge the gap between constituent based grammars and type logical grammars by incorporating notions such as (underspecified) parse trees and valency, in a model-theoretic framework. This session aims at introducing both the formalism and its implementation and presenting recent work based on IGs.